Late Summertime Table Setting Ideas

Hummus, pita chips, and plums on summertime table setting in Vista, California.

Adjusting your tablescape to fit the aesthetic of the season is a lot easier than you might think. A plump pumpkin is a great way to welcome Autumn but so are some subtler options as well. Here are my tips for creating the perfect Summer ambiance for your table setting as we transition into Fall. 

  1. Patterned Elements 

Starting your table setting with a patterned cloth sets the tone for the entire design. Don’t be afraid to have fun with it! Since it is summer time, be open to selections with a bit more color & character. Think of the table cloth as your base from which you are able to pull color tones and texture. Patterns can also come in the form of designs on your dishware or napkins. Layer your patterns with ease by implementing solid and neutral details together.

  1. Selecting Dishware

There’s limitless dishware options on the market to choose from, but knowing which selection is best for your table will elevate your hosting experience. Consider the weight of each dish. Is it a light glass or a heavy artisan ceramic? Are there soft clean lines or natural curves rough to the touch? The color of your dishware will also help highlight the food being served, so determine how the menu plays a role in this decision.

  1. Mixing Materials

Designing a tablescape is much like designing a room in that mixing materials is always a good idea. Play off the brass by bringing in an organic wood tone nearby or soften the glass by adding an outdoor element as a decorative accent. Textures in cloths and napkins also help intertwine tablescape mediums. 

  1. Be Intentional with the Centerpiece

Vases of flowers breathe freshness, warm-toned candles bring warmth and vibrance, and trays filled with appetizers are ideal for communal dining. Whichever option you choose, be intentional in your choices. Oftentimes less is more and simplicity is always a good idea!  

Think about the color tones, material finishes and layering as you set your table this late Summer and early Fall. Follow these easy to follow steps to create the perfect table setting for memories to be made over!

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