A Lifestyle Adjustment: Adapting to Your Newly Designed Space

Light wood console table from Target with decorative brass candles, plants, clock, coffee table books, and picture frame by Natalie Barnas Interiors based in San Marcos, California.

Finally! You’ve found yourself in a professionally curated space designed to function to your personal needs and wants. It’s been an experience you’ve been dreaming of and now it’s reality. What’s next? One of the first things to keep in mind is that hiring an interior designer doesn’t just need to reflect a change in your external surroundings. It can also signify the beginning of a shift in your wellbeing and lifestyle. That is – if you are open and desire a change. Here’s my top tips to adapting to your newly designed space:


A good designer places a high regard to your needs. So the function is there. Tap into it and see how your daily routine has been affected. Are your most used things placed in an easily accessible location? Is each space meeting your personal needs? Is any re-working required? Are you willing to adapt to these shifts? Placement and organization is a part of interior design, but being that everybody has such unique needs, it can be difficult for even a professional to get every small detail to your liking. Take the time to review the designed areas and seek out the ways they are benefiting you. Life is supposed to be more functional after hiring an interior designer, and sometimes we don’t notice these edits until we’ve made an effort to look at how the space serves us.


Freshly designed spaces commonly become a source of inspiration. It’s a new beginning and the start of living the way you’ve always wanted. Atmospheres can evoke deep emotion inside of us. Don’t ignore that! Investing well should bring those feelings out of you and is another sign that your designer did their job well. Tap into it, feel motivated, and set goals. I recommend really allowing yourself to be open to change and the feelings that come along with that.


Lack of normalicy in your routine after your home reno or design project may leave you feeling a tad chaotic. New constructions usually bring initial disorganization before you’re met with tranquility on the other side. Your attention has been directed to a project for weeks to months, so the shift back into your routine can be a challenge, especially in a space that looks and feels different. Release any pent up stress and make an effort to find patterns and commonalities in your new dwelling space. Life isn’t black & white, and neither is this transition process. However, tuning in and embracing these challenges will ultimately grace you with comfortablility in your new home even faster.

The bottom line is to allow your space to serve you. Aesthetics are just a piece of the process, and there is a lot more to seek out in your space. Enjoy this change in your life and celebrate it! Host the Sunday brunch you’ve always wanted or a movie night with your family. Your home is the perfect backdrop for memories to be made, and now is the perfect time to make them!

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