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Principal Designer

It was between working on accounting classes & extensive spreadsheets at a local cafe where I found myself regularly clicking over to my interior design Pinterest Board. My virtual “home” expanding by the second, I kept diving deeper and deeper into gorgeous design. Gazing outside the window as I sipped my iced coffee, I was reminded of my dream to start my own business and craft designs that combined authenticity with the lived-in. So instead of spending my free time painting landscapes & trying out new recipes, I turned my attention towards design and never looked back. The time was then to finally start living my dream, and Natalie Barnas Interiors was born. 

Where design meets functionality...

Behind the brand

Natalie Barnas Interiors was born through a vision of lifestyle-based design. Ideal for those that appreciate the elevated & memorable, our mission is to combine intention, natural elements, and sense of self. Tonal color palettes and raw textures make hosting the perfect dinner party or sleepovers for your little ones feel intentional and cozy – That “getting comfortable under a cable-knit blanket” kinda feel. 

Must Have's:

1.  iced latte to-go

2.  linen pants

3.  chips & hummus

Ready to get started?

Based in San Diego, California, we will spend time one-on-one getting to know your tastes and personality in order to create a space that's not only refined, but well-represents you!

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